A Starbursting of Joy

Yes a joyful time has followed after the protracted and stressful final "birth" of my 7th book eventually published on 11th November, being over two months after everything was completed, so quite a wait, but all over now. So what has been happening? Well...

Birth and further growth awakening

My seventh book is born !!!!   From Indonesia to Sussex, it is done Although “techno troubles” cast a doubt. Whilst malaria then threw its hand in too, But now my SEVENTH book is  finally OUT. So get orders in and don’t miss it Before my book very quickly...

From limbo to shooting forward

Patience, a fertile mind and inspiration do not make great bedfellows, and whilst never being one of the most patient people, (lol doesn’t really go with a manic mind?), I seem to have inspiration and fertile ideas aplenty!🤣, Thus being in a “limbo like...

World Mental Health Awareness Day October 10th 2019

As I worked in Psychiatry for 30 years I make no apology for another post to highlight this day, as "there but for the grace of god" go all of us, AND maybe as following poem…… One in Three Love and laughter may sprinkle around With no real...

Home to home and feeling at home!

It is never ever quiet in my world of The Psychy Poet, but I was going to say it has been quieter, HOWEVER when I looked through my diary since last blog email 3 weeks ago I found that I had hardly been still! 😇 As the title "Home to Home" etc suggests...
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