And so for my next trick..

So it seems that I’m “Wizard Wilkinson” now then as well as prolific psychy poet! Ha ha, so “Wizard Wilkie The Prolific Psychy Poet” then…???? As a little “overdue” with this Blog I am going “straight in” so...

And BREATHE, then…..

Yes breathe, zoom about as I do, take a BIG breath and then, go, Go, GO!!!!!! ???? So yes, back from France last Wednesday week to a manic few days, (that’s even manic for ME lol), a gig at Lansdowne on the Thursday, my second of five booked so far, and a great...

Moving on, … nicely

Moving on, and yes very nicely, without much paddling, pushing or indeed any obvious effort really, just perhaps my ongoing momentum? More clarification later… Meanwhile am back in France with usual lol restful, manic, writing, drinking and laughing...

Heads up, feet on the ground

Heads up as all Poetry World going “swimmingly”, but as I made myself agree at the start of all this, soon to be four years from when first book published, my feet will be firmly on the ground!   I have made mistakes before in the past, but I was so much...

Better and better, then SUPERB !!!!

There are times when even a positive, manic (?), upbeat and as once described  “effervescent personality” (loud ??? lol) person like me has to just stop and say WOW! Now is one of those times, as with seemingly “automatic pilot” on my Poetry...

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