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Life Presented in Verse 

Life Presented in Verse

Stunningly producing a much requested fifth book in just over 3 years, Laurie Wilkinson, aka The Psychy Poet, or The “Prolific” Psychy Poet as he is now being called, has again delivered brilliantly. After setting an increasingly high standard with his “acclaimed” previous and multi 5 star reviewed books, Laurie has again gone up another proficient and expansive gear!

Laurie’s latest book wonderfully follows his successful formula of mixed themes taken from his observations and views of life across romance, humour, and tragedy that involves everyone.

From terrorism, regrets, health checks, cyclists our adventures in love, to sex lessons and even dress sense, or perhaps lack of it… Maybe now the author has an even deeper verve that has brought recent accolades of his work being “psychological and finding inner depths of each one of us” that cannot fail to evoke appreciative recognition within ourselves.

Thus Laurie’s poems will again amuse and arouse, whilst also provoking some sad realisations of life in a reflective mode. Of course those increasingly popular, but naughty bears Ted and Beth feature again, now glorifying in their newly formed Fan Club!

The author presents his latest book with an increasing certainty that it will again appeal to everybody in some way and may even open more personal windows for readers individual recognition, as his fantastic journey continues!

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Each of Laurie’s poetry collections is a mix of wit and wisdom, of wrath and reflection. His latest is no exception. There is something for all his readers. However, this most recent effort shows a stronger focus on the form of the poem itself. Laurie improves with every book.

(Author of The Fish on my Ear)

Michael Fleming

Chairman, Anderida Writers

I was hooked on Laurie’s poems from the beginning, and think his fabulous work is both inspirational and thought provoking.

Like a good red wine that gets better with age, so do Laurie’s poetry skills, and whilst they were really good at the start, his latest book and offerings are another fantastic  achievement that should be a bestseller. I really enjoy Laurie’s work!

Suanne Phillips

Listen to Laurie read excerpts from Life Presented in Verse.

Laurie’s poems are now read on National Radio as well as published internationally.

Well, Laurie has done it again with this brilliant book of poems, Life Presented in Verse, which is officially The Psychy Poet’s fifth book in the series.
His poems cover such a wide range of topics that there’s something for everyone. Laurie’s carefully chosen words are thought provoking, insightful but also fun and reflective in their content.
I’d highly recommend this book as a gift for any fellow poetry lovers. Enjoy….
We look forward to the next edition.

The Sussex Newspaper

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