Blooming Grand Fruition

Everything comes to those who waits the saying goes! I’m not SO sure about that as largely believe (and tend to),go out and get it…. HOWEVER “it” or my new and latest book HAS arrived from Amazon, SO I am up and running again. Well eight times...

Milestone of Blossom

Sprouted, blossomed, arrived, and a general milestone is how I see my eighth and latest book “Poetic Seeds to Fruition”, although I am thrilled and honoured to say many other people agree with that. 😊 In fact most of them, and also many on here, have...


Arriving might seem an odd concept in this bizarre and strange world presiding at present, but due to the “stay at home” lockdown, my new and latest book number eight is ARRIVING very soon! 👍 Yes Book EIGHT, and a bit of a surprise in as much as not only...

All dressed up…… Nowhere to go

All dressed up and nowhere to go then, and while the comment slipped out, lol as many of my mine do, I don’t think it could be any more apt as of now! No, due to this vile virus curse that has taken many lives, it has also turned our world upside down😒....

Hope and adapting

Hi, and so this Blog is about "Hope" with the Daffs suggesting spring and better times to come, including our "adaption" to this worldwide curse of horrific virus that has been visited upon us☹. Adaption yes, and mostly everyone in the world is...

World Poetry Day 21st March 2020

A "quick and extra" Blog for World Poetry Day, and maybe a short diversion from this worldwide horror occurring, that’s like WW3, but on no known battlefield!  Possibly it may come as a welcome piece to read if you’re isolating or perhaps in...
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