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Lauries poetry readings


Here’s Laurie reading his poems at a local event. Laurie thrills and entertain at many locations promoting his books while raising money for Help for Heroes.

“I’d love to come and read at your event, just drop me a line below and we’ll work it out”.

Poet Reflects Your World

Poet Reflects Your World

Following on from the success of his previous books, this seventh presentation from Laurie again bristles with his down to earth poetic takes of everyday life, our world and the behaviours of people in it.

Laurie again bristles with his down to earth poetic takes of everyday life

Again requested and welcomed by an increasingly appreciative audience as Laurie has now had his poems read on national radio, and also featured in articles, magazines and other publications in the U K and elsewhere.

Proudly offered once more by My Voice Publishing, The Psychy Poet, Laurie’s aka due to his expansive career in psychiatry, demonstrates a unique ability to resonate and touch on the humour, love and tragedies in life, often illuminating darker depths of people’s inner self with his words as he accompanies them along in reflective mode.


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Up to 40% donated to Help for Heroes


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You may not get true reflections
Unless they are sent back to you,
By astute and impartial eyes
That watch the things you do.

Or maybe it’s about your reactions
To experiences of the world you had,
Which always provoke responses
Should they be good or bad.

So indulge comments from neutrals
On your behaviours in the world,
Because you will get genuine views
When their reflections are unfurled.

Write a Poem for You

Get Laurie to write you a poem for that special occasion.

Laurie Wilkinson is a poet with a difference, he shares his amazing talent to raise money for the charity ‘Help for Heroes’.

Laurie’s poems are truly fantastic, accurately portraying today’s world in a modern, eloqent way. His skill for the written word is impressive, both deep, thoughtful and insightful.

Drawn from personal experience and an amazing observation of life itself, Laurie’s poems are filled with humour, emotion and always eye-wateringly honest! His books are now a firm favourite in our household.

Sandra Da Silva-Creasey

West Horsham, West Sussex, Pink Spaghetti PA Services

I would urge anyone who morally confers gratitude on his efforts to support Laurie, and this utterly worthy cause, by buying his books of Poetry. Not only do they reflect the ‘Zeitgeist’, they give cause for reflection in so many ways in our complicated age. Laurie does much to rebalance the Holistic ‘Right’ brain in its’ battle with the materialistic ‘Left brain’, and all at a cost below their value.’

All profits go to the ‘Help For Heroes Charity’, and his willingness to give Poetry Readings to interested audiences is to be applauded, and much in demand.


Owner, Eyemasters Glasses & Optical Services

Listen to Laurie read excerpts from Poet Reflects Your World.

Laurie’s poems are now read on National Radio as well as published internationally.

Well, Laurie has done it again with this brilliant book of poems, Life Presented in Verse, which is officially The Psychy Poet’s fifth book in the series.
His poems cover such a wide range of topics that there’s something for everyone. Laurie’s carefully chosen words are thought provoking, insightful but also fun and reflective in their content.
I’d highly recommend this book as a gift for any fellow poetry lovers. Enjoy….
We look forward to the next edition.

The Sussex Newspaper

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All Revealed

There may be nostalgia and surprises
When your inner world is revealed,
By the peeling away of barriers
That many secrets had concealed.

For everyone has private thoughts
Perhaps buried deep and never seen,
But confronted by observing words
You may learn what they can mean.

So allow perceptive insights in
To a world where they are known,
As it may be comforting to discover
Some fears are not yours alone.

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